Classe CP-50 phono MC input impedance

Classe's manual states that the CP-50's input impedance is 50kOhm. I assume that if you switch the phono stage from MM to MC it would be different. Anyone know if that is true and what value it would be?

They go into detail on changes you can make to gain but not impedance. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Some companies just do not bother with it. I would actually assume it is the same for MM and MC. You would have to contact them to find out. AND to find out how to change it if you want it to be different.
I bought Bryston phono,1.5 model. and had to have the factory change the MC from the standard 47K ohm in both the MM and MC to be 100 ohm in the MC input. No $$$ charge was made, but i was buying a new one.
I may have a second one I already had changed, and the dealer is looking into the costs.
I sent an email to Classe last week. However, they are out until Tuesday.