Classe CDT-1 vs. Levinson 37 Transport

I have a CAL Delta transport and a Classe DAC 1. I am looking to upgrade the transport. I know that the reviews of the Levinson are good, but I have not read or heard anything about the Classe transport. Opinions are welcome.
I have both the Classe transport and dac in my system. While I have never tried the Levinson, I can tell you that the Classe is an excellent transport. It's a good match with the Classe dac. I used both the balanced and the AT&T digital outputs from the transport into the dac with excellent results. The transport tracks well playing scratched cds,it is quiet and has the same built quality as the dac.Good luck.
I have auditioned both products and I would recommend Mark Levinson 37 Transport which is more detail. You should consider using Siltech SPO18m as the power cord for the Mark Drive.