classe cdt-1 10 years old....good buying??

i would like to know if anyone is familiar whit this cd transport. I can have it for 390$ cad but i dont know about the durability of it. I think that the price is good but if the laser have 90% of is life done i will regret my purchase...Any opinion about that?
$390, cmon' thats pocket change
you can always call Classe and ask them what it will cost to replace the laser should it fail. They're quite helpful in that regard, but I do agree with Slikric3000...
i found it on e bay :phillips 12.4 for 45$....real joke hahaha
I remember calling a couple years ago about one I was thinking of buying and Classe said no more transports were available so I didnt.I am about 90% sure of that memory,B