Classe CDP .5 or Denon 2910

I have been considering a change in my system. Currently I have: Classe CAP-151 (old version), Classe CDP.5 (old version), Vandersteen 1B. I also have the Sony DVP-NS500P in order to play DVDs and SACDs. I am very happy with the Classe cd player, but would like to upgrade in order to play DVD-Audio in addition to SACD . I don't feel I can afford a universal player with the build quality and price of the Classe. I recently found out about the Denon 2910 and thought it might be what I'm looking for. I hear that it has a very good video section and the audio is pretty good also, but not quite up to the standard of Classe. I thought I might be able to add a DAC, possibly a MSB Link, to upgrade the audio without breaking the bank. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance for any replys.
Read the reviews. You may find that the Denon 2200 series is much better for the money than the 2910-I did! The denon should be a little less bright also, but that's your opinion. Personally, I found the denon quality quite nice and scrapped using an external DAC (CAL Alpha & Audio Alchemy 3.0).