Classe CDP .3 1.5 skipping non red book CDs


recently got my hands on a Classe CDP .3, and find that the player skips on track 1 of selected few non red book cds.

The laser pick up has just been replaced by classe, and I think it maybe the mechanism on its way out.

Does anyone have the same player with similar issues?

I've not worked on a Classe, but many CD players have an electronic adjustment process that should be completed when a laser pickup is replaced.

If it is skipping on tracks that it should read after a factory authorized service, the far and away best thing to do is return it for a second look. They've got the equipment, manuals and training. Just be specific about the problem you are having. Since it is just a few CDs that are having problems, give the repair shop examples by name. (This assumes you've checked the CDs for scratches and smearing and/or ascertained they play OK on other machines.)
What is a "non red book" CD??
I have contacted Classe, and they confirmed that the unit is not compatible with non red book cds, because its not an industry standart apparently.

They believe it is mostly likely the discs that is the cause, however I was quoted an approximate price of $500 for the replacement of the mechanism, which I thought was interesting since the last repair bill about $120 for the laser pickup replacement.

Of course their labour rate went up which I can understand but my thoughts are the 90 warrenty period after the repair is just a bit short...

Red Book CDs are the industry standard and carry the compact disc logo. Newer CDs with copy protection are not Red Book.