Classe cdp 202 question

I would like to learn how its variable outputs performs(is it digital volume control or analog volume control)and has any cdp202 owners compared its performance with his preamplifier used,or how well performer against to the other cdps with volume such as Wadia,Accuphase,Meridian
I am in search of a good cdp with volume
Thanks in advance
Ben, the CDP-202 has analogue volume control. I have tried the CDP by itself straight to the amp and thru my Classe CP-700 preamp. I must admit it does sound better through the preamp but the CP-700 is a heck of a preamp. I have not compared the unit to any of the other units you mentioned but I will say this, the CDP-202 sounds phenomenal. Somebody said something about "resolution" in another thread....BS! This thing sounds absolutely wonderful. Plenty of resolution, depth, bass, imaging, soundstaging and warmth(in a very realistic and musical way). There is no graininess or harshness AT ALL, just completely smooth music. I can listen for hours with zero fatigue. The CDP-202 is just a complete joy to listen to.
Run it in balanced mode and your done with looking for a CD player.