Classe CDP-10 - Trouble reading some CD's

I have a Classe CDP-10, which I absolutely *love*. For the past year or so some of my CD's are having trouble reading. The player will just show "-- -- --" while attempting to read a newly inserted CD, sometimes for as long as I've been patient enough to wait. Occasionally I will get a read error (can't remember the exact text).

Many of my CD's still play perfectly. And many more play eventually, but only after inserting the CD a few times.

Note that *when* the player decided to "accept" a CD, it plays perfectly. I never have any stuttering or other playback issues on any CD that it chooses to play.

In anybody's opinion, is this an issue with the CD transport, or some other component? Are there any type of cleaners out there that could fix it, or is it a mechanical issue? And if my worst fears come true (because I *really* love the CD player) and this unit is beyond repair and I need to buy another, is this one a throw-away or are there parts in here that are useful to other owning the same player (in other words could I reasonably sell this one for parts)?

Thanks for any help.
Hi, I have seen this issue before, There is a good chance the proccesor needs to be replaced, it is not a exspensive part, or you may be able to reset the proccesor, use the player for an hour or so, turn it off, un plug the unit for about an hour, plug it back up and try to use it, if the problem continues, send the unit to any reputable technician to get the proccesor replaced, atleast if this is not the problem, the technician will tell you what is, I do know you will not have to replace the unit over the problem you have, you unit is repairable!, let me know what you find out, cheers.
Dirty laser? I cleaned one in my MacMini few times using cleaning CD, but recently it refused to recognize CDs even after cleaning. I open the case and cleaned leaser gently using cotton Q-tip and Isopropyl alcohol. After that everything works fine again.

Some people reported improvement with a little bit of silicon grease on the gears/rails but it might not be solution for you.
Audiolabyrinth, what "processor" are you talking about? A CD player has two major subsystems: the transport and the laser reading mechanism. Either one can get out of whack and cause mis-reads. If the transport is mis-aligned, it needs to be realigned, lubed, etc. If the laser reading mechanism is out of whack, it needs to be cleaned and realigned.

Your suggestion to have a tech look at is is a very good one. And that is what the OP should do so that he knows exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost to do so...

Hi Rlwainwright, other than the dacs in any digital player, there is also a control processor, one or more, My amp has a few proccessors inside of it also, anyway, a dealer told me of this info about my player, made since to me, the dealer also said, all electronics have processors these days to control them, when I did what he asked of me, It did fix the problem,if it did not, of course they wanted the player for warranty repair, I said the same thing you did to the dealer, as it turned out, the dealer was correct up on further research about electronics., cheers.
Thanks for the info., AL! I guess the old adage is true: You learn something new every day...



I have faced the same problem with my CDP 10. However, I realized that the problem just incurred when I just turn on CDP and inject CD.

 I have tested to leave CDP on to warm up for 15 minutes, then it works perfectly.  The CDP can accept all CDs just rejected previously.

Hope that it can help.

Classe CDP-10 - Trouble reading some CD’s
It’s the laser, getting tired.

I had one, nice machine hdcd also, it uses a Philips VAM1250 laser, easy/cheap to replace if your a little mechanically minded, no special tools or any adjustments to be made.
Get the whole mechanism with laser if you can, it’s even easier to replace.

The whole mech/laser, but this one sold.

Cheers George