Classe CDP 10?

Does anyone have opinions on this player? The mags are giving it rave reviews but there's not much metioned on Audiogon. I had one. I thought it was quite good but changed it for a Talk Electronics Thunder3.1b which I thought had a smoother more refined type of sound. There is almost no mention of the Talk Thunder anywhere but it does sound good in my system. I guess the Audio mags have me second guessing myself. I did have both players to listen to and chose the Thunder but am curious on opinions on any of these two players.
What other players did you compare the CDP 10 to? Of course my local shop is praising this player. I am going to take it home this weekend to see what all the fuss is about. I also have a Wadia 301 for the weekend. Anyone else evaluate this CD player against others. I am ready for a front end upgrade. (Rotel 971)
I also would be interested to read what others think of this one as I'm considering it.