Classe CD player CDP .3 a good value?

At around $1500, a new Classe CDP .3 CD player seems to be an excellant value. When I say "value" I'm comparing Classe to other excellant manufacturers such as Sonic Frontiers. I'm trying to find a new CD player in the $2000 range while avoiding products with high prices and questionable value. Any opinions?
I am sure you saw it and if it can be bought for a good price you would not take too much of a hit if you find something better. I have heard the .3 and like it but not more than my Arcam 8SE. I prefer the Arcam 9 cdp to both but its not in my budget. The Arcam FMJ has had both great and average reviews - another potential choice. Also, Arcam is purported to be bringing out new units in 2001. The new Sony 777es (SACD) is in your price range and is reported as playing regular cds very well - upside is SACD. You can also find a few Resolution units going used in your price range - super cdps. A little more info to cloud your judgement...
Classe CDP .3 is a smooth, detail, and dynamic cdp. as I auditioned. for that kind of money (you said $1500) is a bit to expensive! How ever if you can get one in good condition around $1000 I would recommend! serch at ebey I saw one yesterday, the thing is look impressive condition! Regards, Rute.
There are lots of comments are I also saw one for auction on eBay. Ends on 12/18. Is a relisting. First auction failed to reach reserve. High bid was $720.
CDP .3 is one of the best CD player around in that price range. I have one and do not want anything else. I have Sony DVP-S7700(DVD/CD) and it is not even close to the cdp.3.
IMO the CDP.3 is a great player. I purchased an early generation .3 for a little under $750. I think that it was a great buy. But the manual does say that the interconnect will make a big impact on performance. (they're not kidding)
please listen to the sony scd products before you buy