Classe cd/dvd-1 or Muse or Proceed?

It's time to upgrade my Pioneer DV-09. I have a Faroudja NRS 720p feeding a Sony G70. I am considering a Classe cd/dvd-1 or a Muse model 9. Both are around $1000 used. Also a Proceed PMDT is of interest at about the same price. I am looking for the best picture quality and don't need progressive output since I have the NRS. I have a separate 2 channel system for music so cd, sacd, dvd-audio are of no interest. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
I looked at the Pioneer DV-09 several years ago when I ended up buying a Cal Audio CL2500DVD player. The interlaced video was about the same. I later upgraded to a Theta Carmen II, the interlaced video being about the same as the other two but the progressive scan is substantially better. The point being is that what you have is probably as good as or better than the other players when it comes to interlaced video. That being said, I have not looked at the Classe, Muse or Proceed PMDT. I have talked with Ken @ Muse and there DVD players are geared mostly for audio, which you don't need. I would recommend you visit and look under the master index at the bottom of the page for benchmark. Click on benchmark and you can pull up their test reports on video by manufacture or go the reviews/dvd players and read their reports. They have reviewed the Muse 11, Proceed PDMT, Pioneer Elete DV-09 and many others. A lot of their reviews are written for the video side and not audio side of the dvd players. I am sure some of the newer players have a better interface than the older ones. Good luck.