Classe CAV 180 VS Parasound Halo A51

Looking for opinions on these 2 amps, both are special order items so I can't do a home audition, I am using Aerial 8B speakers, thanks
I own a Classe CAV-180. I have used a B&K 7250 and a Theta Dreadnaught. It blows the B&K away and it's close to the Dreadnaught in Sound & Quailty but much more affordable. It is an excellent value because it is Canadian and the exchange rate favors Americans. It sounds very nice with music which was important to me. Not all 5 Channel Amps do. And it's excellent with movies in 5.1.
tough call- the A51 is very hard to argue with for the price- also BLEW AWAY my B&K embarrasingly.. and I don't think the B&K is bad either... its rather decent, but the A51 put it in its place- AND did so at a remarkably low price. The classe is very close- I might give a slight nod to A51 because of the power- it just has a little more of the "it" that makes a good SS amp great..