Classe CAV-150 with Klipsch RF-7

I am driving my front RF-7's with this amp. 300 WPC to the woofers and 150 WPC to tweeters for a total of 6 channels.
I need a 3 channel amplifier to drive my center channel Klipsch RC-7 and surrounds Klipsch RS-7's. I need advice as to what amplifier would blend with the Classe CAV-150. I use an Anthem AVM 30.
Classe CA3200 , 200w into 3 channels .
Explain more how you are "bi-amping" with different power to the woofers and tweeters please! I mean, after all, you are going through the crossover with those two pairs of binding posts, yes? Actually, I didn't now those speakers had dual posts.
Are you bypassing the internal crossover? If not, I pressumed you needed the same power to the top posts as the bottom, as they were connected to the crossover, either way. It's late, and maybe my thinking is wrong
I am using 2 bridged channels to each woofers (300 watts) and 1 channel to the tweeters (150 watts) CAV-150 has 6 channels 150 watts per channel.
Hummm. Again, I didn't know that would work, since BOTH THE UPPER AND LOWER terminals went through the crossover! If you were using an external crossover, then amplification, I could see using different power to the terminals. Ok...