Classe CAV 150 Multi-Channel Amp

Can any current or previous owners of this multi-channel amp give me some idea of its sonic signature and true power capability? Is it bright, detailed, soft in the bass, mid-range driven, dynamic, short on power despite the 150 Watt per channel rating, etc? When was it first manufactured? Is it black and silver like the current line?

I can't find any information, reviews or pictures of this amp on Classe's website. It seems when they do come up used on Audiogon they go fast. Finally, how does this amp compare to other multichannel amps like the Cary Cinema 5
or Krell?

The bottom this a great amp or just average?

Thanks for your help!

it is a great amp, especially considering its a 6ch channel amp. Once its warmed up it sounds lush, sweet and palpable. It is not bright, nor the most dynamic or bass strong amp.
Its bass capabilities depends on what speakers you use (and your room!). Up to a 10" woofer I noted good control and definition. With a 12" woofer (NHT 3.3) it starts to fall short, even with biamping. If you use smaller speakers or monitors I think the CAV 150 is as much amp as you will ever need for HT and very good for stereo music.