Classe CAV-150 case and production

I am slightly confused by this Classe product line. First off, were there two case designs for this product. One with handles in front and one with no handles and black sides like the CAV 180. Secondly, I was informed that this product was only discontinued by Classe only two or three years ago when they launched the current look. However it is not even in the classe's website of discontinued products and most reviews of the item date to the late 90's and early 2000. So when was this product replaced and was its replacement the CAV 180?
Classe CAV-150 (1998-2001).
Classe CAV-180 (2001- ???).

So to answer your question, the CAV-150 was replaced by the CAV-180 in 2001. Yes, the CAV-180 was the CAV-150's replacement.