Classe CAP151 150 vs Plinius 8200 8150

Anybody heard them both? And which you think is better?
I have the CAP 151 great amp very high quality, great sound
I have the CAP150 and agree with Kipp. The Classe is a neutral to slightly warm amp if that helps. Unfortunately, I have not heard the Plinius integrated amps though Plinius typically gets great reviews. The important thing is what other components (including cables) you have in your system and what sound you prefer (warm, neutral, bright). You should also audition, preferably in your home, before you buy. Hope this helps.
I have heard them both and think they are both very good choices. I ended up buying Classe seperates, and eventually the Plinius 8200. I would like to say one is better, but I think it is just a matter of system matching and your personal preference. The Classe is warmer, maybe a bit sweeter. I think it has better build quality. The Plinius will give you great dynamics, without being in your face, a great midrange and soudstage, outputs for true biwiring. Phono is included. Both have excellent customer service, although Classe is in Canada. I did have to deal with customs, no problem, just paperwork. What speakers are you using?
Thx for all the inputs.
I have Sony SCD777ES and the Audio physic Virgos.
Bigboy, With the Virgos and 777ES, I would say that the Plinius is capable of giving you more. You certainly will need it with such quality components. I have to ask though, are you limiting yourself to those two choices? Is this due to budget or space?
I have a Creek 5350SE , it is great sounding but lacks power on some dynamic passages. I prefer integrated for simplicity and my budget is under $2000.
Again thx for the inputs.