Classe CAP or NAD???

I am considering NAD S300 (100W) or Classe CAP 101 (100w) CAP (150w) for Thiel 22 and Arcam 7SE. I know audition at home is very important for choosing system, but my small town has only circuit city. So, I need your advice via this forum. NAD S300 is heavier than Classe CAP 151, but Classe is considered as good matching with Thiel. Also should I choose Classe 151 only for the more power than Classe 101? Thanks for all your comments.
I heard NAD and Classe on a pair of Hales and thought the Classe was about a thousand times better (as in smoother/refined). You might want to call Audio Insight in Plano aka Dallas, TX. you can find the number on the web. They carry Theil, Classe and NAD, so they may be able to help you out. Viel Gluck!
NAD good, Classe, better (much better).
Thanks so much, I will seriously conisder Classe.
In my experience you re going to need more power (at least 250 into 4 ohms) to adequately drive the thiel 22s.