Classe cap 80 vs. cap 100

Anyone know the difference between these two Classe integrateds? I believe they are both 100 wpc.
The CAP 100 was the first (recent) Classe integrated. (US: $2000.00 plus $200 for phono stage) Favorably reviewed by all the press and on the Cover of the September 97 Stereophile (Robert Harley- who with Fi and now Absolute Sound still recomends the Classe integrateds: including recently, the CAP-80). It was origionally rated Class A in Stereophile, downgraded to B a year later.

About the same time, Krell came out with an integrated, also favorably reviewed (KAV-300) with 150 Watts/ channel. Classe and Krell are in direct rivalry, so Classe felt they needed to increase the power of theirs to compete; hence the CAP 150 which was essentially the same unit with power supply change, the origional CAP-100 bench tested well over 100 anyway, I think, so the change was not difficult. These units were cosmetically and physically identical (dimensions and weight). Price was $2K as well.

The CAP-80 was then introduced in the fall of 98 to be the entry model as integrateds were becoming very popular. It was priced at US: $1400. and was 25# instead of 35#, as well as smaller in dimention(height and depth). I suspect it was a price point product (aren't they all) with some quality consessions in build quality and features. It did not have a balance control and was not available with the phono board, but the remote controlled more than just volume and mute. (inputs)

The CAP-150 remained in the line (still appearing identical to the CAP-100) even when the CAP-151 was introduced with the digital display and remote upgrades (as in the CAP-80)in the fall of 99?? or 2000?? Around this time all their line grew by one: CA 200 = CA 201, and etc. The CAP-151 was 5# heavier, and probably had more changes in it from the 150 than the 150 from the 100.

I have not heard the 80, 150, or 151. I owned a CAP-100 for several years and was very happy with it. So much that when I went to separates I looked for a CA-xxx amp. In some ways I miss the piece. I assume the 150 would be very similar. I would suspect that the 80 would be a step down sonically, but it may be a small step. Based on their literature and product descriptions, I believe that the CAP 100 and 150 are far more comparable than the 80 and 100. That is: the old CAP-100 is probably a far better piece than the newer CAP-80.
Thank you