Classe CAP 2100 vs Moon i5.3

I am considering these two amplifiers as an upgrade from a Moon i3.
Has anyone compared them? what sound characteristics do they have.
Well Moon i5.3 is not a bad amp, but it's not in the same league as Classe CAP 2100. Classe is not only much better built unit it also has more control, more power and more authority.
Unlike Moon i5.3 , Classe is dual mono design and balanced.
It's your choice, but I think CAP2100 is a great unit.
The i5.3 is dual mono....
are you sure you are comparing the right amps?
Moon's are renowned for exceptional build quality as well
Yes it is, but different to Classe. Classe both channels are separate, if you look at a back panel of Moon you will see that right and left inputs are all together, which is classe right are on the right and left are on the left side.

I'm not saying that moon is a bad amp, it's still a good amplifier. Classe just on a different level.
If you get the Moon evolution series it is in a different level than Classe. I have compared the ssp 800 and the MA600 next to the Moon CP-8 and w-7m using the same Meridian 808 CD player, and the Moon immediately had a more forth coming sound stage with more room than the classe. Classe is an awesome piece of work and for the money. But if you want to spend the money by about 5k-10k more, then Moon will really deliver.