Classe CAP 2100 for Maggie 3.6?

I have a Classe CAP 2100 (and numerous digital sources)that has been collecging dust and decided to set up another system.
I am thinking about getting a pair of planars, possibly Maggie 3.6. I have very little to no knowledge on what type of amplifiers would be upto the task. I believe that the voltage is what matters more than the Wattage for the electrostatic speakers.
Do you think the CAP 2100 would be a good fit for Maggie 3.6. (I am not dead set on the 3.6). Any constructive input would be appreciated.
Maggies are planar magnetics, not electrostats. They like high current solid state, although some swear by tubes. I have 3.7R's and use Cary 500 MB which are 1000 watts/channel into 4 Ohms. Several others around hear use these amps with 3.6's and 3.7's. I would look for an amp that doubles output from 4 to 8 Ohms, and at least 250 watts/channel into 4 Ohms.
You might provide more information about music preferences, size of room, etc.
The Classe is 200w into 4 ohms. That will be fine with the 3.6's. I use an 85w tube amp with my 3.6's and they sound great. You will love the Maggies but you need to set them up correctly

I listen to mainly jazz trios and simple clean vocals (with acoustic guitar, acoustic piano, bass, etc).
I am planning to set this system up in an approximate 20' x 50' room. The ceiling height I believe is 14 ft. 4' x 5' window on the 50 foot wall. There is a french door on the opposing side of the window. The window is in a recessed (4 ft deep) area. The speakers will be on one end of the 20ft wall (no windows now door on the 20 foot wall). I am planning to put my Classe CAP2100 into good use. It is just collecting dust. The source will be a digital medium. I have several CD/universal players that I can choose from. I will most likely use OPPO BDp 95. It is a Blueray/SACD player that is also collecting dust in the basement.
Agree the Classe will do a fine job with the Maggies.
I have 3.6 and use a Bryston 4B-SST2.
I wanted to audition a Classe like yours, but was not able too. (The Bryston was pretty good anyway..)
Go for it!
Looks to me like you will be in good shape. You have a huge room, so you should be able to get the maggies out away from the back wall. I would guess the Classe will be OK at 200 WPC. In my opinion Maggies do very well with vocals and pianos. By all accounts the Oppo is a nice player for the price, so I think you will have a pretty nice rig when you are done.
funny thing about Maggies, the farther they are out into the room the more true low bass they have, 5 - 7 feet out would be great if you could swing it

I bet you would love them for what you need with 200 watts

though some have posted a bit of leaness with Maggies w/o subwoofer fwiw
Thank you for all the great insight.

Although the room is relatively large, I don't think I can place the speakers more than about 2 feet away from the wall. Maybe I can push for 3 feet. The room is currently dedicated as a "guest hearth room" and my-better-half will not agree on these speakers extended out 6 feet from the wall.
Do you think I will encounter significant acoustic problems/limitations?
I have my 3.7's out 6 feet, as I did with the 1.6's they replaced. You can expect to loose some of the bass response at 3 feet, but its not like that is a complete show stopper in my opinion. Its like amplifier power-- less than optimal can still be pretty good. Its just that you know you can do a little better if you set them up optimally. Also, its not like the speakers weigh 500 lbs. You can slide them out a bit while listening, provided no one is watching. :) By the way, my wife prefers the look of Maggies to traditional box speakers. She says they look cool. So WAF is not always linear and predictable. With some effort (and money) one can decorate around the maggies and make the room look good even though they will inevitably be a focal point. You just can't make 6' tall monoliths disappear.
I found that the closer to the wall the bass becomes ill defined, you get more of a 'one note' bass and focus, imaging and depth of field are compromised for all frequencies.

My comments are in comparison with the absolute best placement.

Also the speaker is so darn good even less than ideal placement would still be very competitive with other designs.

I think you would still be happy with tone and they would be more than listenable, especially if the volume is not too high.

my two cents...