Classe' CAP 151 vs SimAudio i-5

Anybody compared these two? I've heard the i-5 sounds like a beast even though it only pushs out 70wpc it has tons of current. Can somebody comment on the dynamics each brings to the table? I use a Simaudio i-5080 right now.
I've owned both, but a couple years apart. I had a I-5 for a year or so and loved it. I was driving a pair of Hales Rev3s which I still have. Source then and now a Musical Fidelity XRay. Cables now are Analysis Plus Silver Oval ICs and Cardas Cross speaker cables. I now use a Llano A-100 amp and an AES-3 pre. When I compared the I-5 to my present rig it was a tough call. but I guess I liked the little bit of tube sound I get from the pre. I recently picked up a Classe' CAP150. Again I compared that with my current system. The Classe' excells in the bass, but seemed a bit too much in the highs. Again a judgement call. I have not had the Sim and the Classe' head to head, but I think I would like the Sim better in my system. And I am about to put the Classe' up on A'gon as soon as I can get some pic's. Good luck, both are excellent units.
Happy Listening
Woodman - would you say the Classe' overall was more powerfull and offered better dynamics?
The Classe'is rated at 150wpc and the Sim at 70. But, I never wanted or needed more power from the Sim. It just seemed to be more powerfull than it should be. I think the two are both very good. I do think I still might prefer the Sim over the Classe', but I did go from Acurus to Sim which was a good jump. Now I am comparing the rig that replaced the Sim to the Classe'. Hey, if your in Texas (I'm in the Fort Worth Dallas area) you'd be welcome to come have a listen. And I am going to sell the Classe' if you'd be interested?? What's most important is how it sounds to you.