Classe CAP 151 - Channel dropping out once warm

I have a Classe CAP-151 that has worked great for me for the past two years but recently it has started to drop the right channel after playing for a while.
It is definitely related to temperature but this is a new issue and it occurs even after using the unit a low volumes (low power levels). Any thoughts about what I can look at to try and remedy this?
Any good repair shops that can be reccomended in the northern NJ area? Thanks in advance for any info....
It sounds like a defective solder joint which breaks contact through heat expansion. Send it to Classe, they have exceptional customer service
Hmmm - hadn't thought of just sending it to Classe. Sort of like the idea of bringing it somewhere local w/o the round trip packing and shipping if the quote seems out of line. If I'm going ship it for repairs though, I guess Classe would be the best place.
i had an issue similar to this when I first got my 151, my dealer sent it back to Classe - they do indeed have great service.