Classe CAP 151 and Copland CSA8

I'm considering Classe CAP 151 or Copland CSA8 to power my Von Schweikert VR-2 monitors.
Or other recommendations for SS integrated used anywhere between 700 and 1,100 dollars.
No Hybrids. No NAD.
Even consider Class D types like the one from Cary-the only SS integrated they make-forgot the model.
I think the VR-2's sounds great with tubes, but you say that you want SS.

The Classe is a solid choice. I haven't heard the Copland.

Other options in that price range include the Musical Fidelity A3 series and the Music Hall Mambo. In my experience, the MF is more on the clear and powerful side (though not quite as much as the Classe), the Mambo more on the warmish side.

And what's wrong with hybrids and NAD? IMHO, NAD makes great products for the money, and many of us started with NAD equipment that served us very well, especially when the price is factored into the equation.

Thank you Michael:

To answer your questions.
I also have had several NAD pieces, but never liked them.
The last one the C327 was worse than the old one I had-I think it was called the 3020 or 2030.
About the sound:
I think one's idea of sound quality depends on the persons entire life's experiences, so as a violinist, NAD just never sounded right. High frequency production of strings/orchestra were too etched.
About hybrids. I do believe that there must be good ones, especially used at my price. However, I prefer not to deal with the many considerations I see hear about tube rolling/biasing/replacement, etc. Although, I will probably sometime audition some, but not as a used - no return situation when buying used.
I've been looking here for awhile and considering that I have some knowledge/experience with SS, I'll stick with that for now.
About MF and MH Mambo, I have listened to them at a few private homes. I liked both of them better than NAD. Your comments about them are fairly close to my observations, but the speakers were both pro-ack models, small ones.
It was difficult to hear what those amps were doing at the lowest octave. Although the mambo was more real with large chorus.
Of course I take reviewers with a grain of salt, but the consistency of reviewers opinions along with the type of program material/speakers seemed to favor the sound I'm looking for referring to Classe and Copland.
Thanks for your input.
I have heard the Musical Fidelity Tri-vista 300 driving the Von Schweikert VR-2 and it sounded amazing. I did not purchase the VS but I did buy the Tri-vista 300 and now they are driving my ProAc Response 1SC, and every now and again I switch them over to my Martin Logan Scenario.

I also have the Copland CTA 402 as a backup integrated amp and I think the Copland brand is underated and should be given a listen to. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I listen to their gear.