Classe CAP-101 vs Creek 5350SE, others

Can anybody compare these 2? I've owned the Classe, which was nice. Tonality, drive, smoothness, and balance (a little warm) were nice, but I could ask for more in the way of transparency, clarity, and focus, though. (That doesn't mean I can get it for a similar price). Now I'm building a 3rd system for A/V use and am looking for something in this used price range, about $600 - $750. Cheaper is better, obviously, with no major sacrifices. Speakers are Energy RC-50 and the source is a Sony PS3. I don't want to spring the money for a DAC at this time, so please don't go there.

Also looking at Musical Fidelity A300, Jolida 1501RC, and on the cheaper side, NAD C370, Arcam A80/A65+.

Must have a remote.
Also, I have been using a Sony 555ES receiver, which generally sounds pretty awful, and have entertained the idea of adding a good power amp in the price range, like a McCormack DNA-1 or McIntosh MC7100 series, and using the pre-out(s) on the receiver. My guess is the preamp section of the Sony would kill the sound. Anybody beg to differ?
Yes I beg to differ. Synopsis - a good amp can make anything sound good.