Classe CAM350 monoblocks vs. Krell FPB 600

Which is better? I have B&W Nautilus 800's and want great music and POWERFUL home theater sound (bass and dynamics). I can get Classe CAM 350 monoblocks for about the same as a good used Krell FPB 600 (not 600c).
Well, I haven't heard the Classe's, but have heard the Krell 600 and it is an extraordinary power amp which has received superb critical reviews. Given the two amps you are considering, you do not appear to have a tight budget, but I'd suggest you also audition the Bryston 14B-ST, which has been getting outstanding critical reviews as a powerful yet sweet and refined power amp (it uses a new Motorola bi-polar output transistor that is said to have superlative audio qualities). The 14B-ST is essentially two 7B-ST monoblock amps on one chassis, but built with the improved Motorola output transistors, and rated conservatively at 500 watts per channel. For more info about the 14B-ST, check the Bryston home page for product reviews ( Also, HiFi+ magazine (British publication) has a review of the 14B-ST in its current issue.
I haven't heard the Krell in several years, but found it a bit dark. I own a pair of CAM350s which drive very inefficient speakers, and I have heard them driving the B & Ws. They are truly superb
I generally agree with Mgottieb. I think the CAM-350 has better dynamics ( more extended highs)but the Krell FPB600's bass is unbeatable. I have listened to both models and I now own a pair of CAM-350