Classe Cam200 or Ca201?

Trying to decide between the two. Anyone have any experience with this gear and a comparison? Driving AE1's MKII with Classe pre-amp. Obviously a little more bass would be nice. Should I save for a 301? I do have a REL Storm III for low, low end. Thanks.
I have only read great things about the CAM 200 monoblocks. However, the CA201 may be a good place to save a little money over the CAM because I doubt the circuits are really any different between the two (their specs are identical in all regards...). Since you already have a Classe preamp, it may be worthwhile for you to find a Classe dealer and audition whatever amps they have. I believe that having amp and pre of the same brand is a great idea IME. Good luck - Arthur
Hello WDouglas. Without question, the CA-201 is a superior amplifier: musically, aesthetically and build quality wise.
We have sold many, and years later, customers still speak highly of these remarkable amplifiers.
Find one. And fast. You'll love it!
I demo'd both the CA201 and the CAM 200s. I had the CA201 for a month while I was waiting for my dealer to get in the CAM 200s. Both sound very good - the midrange is the most "musical" of any SS I've heard. However, I thought the CAM 200s were better at image focus and deep bass control. I bought the CAM 200s. If you're using something else for low bass, the CA201 may be good enough.

By the way, if you choose the CA201, buy the newest version. I demo'd it side-by-side with the prior version and the new one definitely sounded better. Some people say they are identical except for cosmetics, but I disagree. I am not sure what is different, but I weighed both of them and the new one weighs 5 pounds more than the old one (bigger power transformer ????).
Save your money and buy a used model 15. Have Classe service bring it upto spec.
I used to own a 15 and currently own a pair of CAMs. To my ears there's a noticeable difference. The CAM 200 kills both the CA 201 and the 15. The CAMs are faster, "punchier", more detailed, more dynamic - all without being harsh (depends on what speakers you're using of course).
Interesting, did you own a DR-15 or Model Fifteen. The Model Fifteen is more dynamic-punchier than the DR-15. That little amp has some set of robust balls. Warmer though and not as detailed or as refined. You really can't compare a stereo amp to a pair of mono amps though. I never heard the 201- but owned a ca-300 for many years. Along with the attributes you mention above- I believe the ca series sounds thinner than the numbered series (model 10,15,25) I did hear a pair of CAM-350 monos and again they sound as you desribe- you can add the classe hallmarks of imaging/soundtaging to the list. But again- thinner sounding than the numbered series- IMO. All comes down to the power supply caps and current. Those old large electrolytic cans are slower- but bottom line is those amps IMO are more musical though and have more brute force.
I am looking foward to hearing the new 200 watt stereo amp.
Reb1208 : I had the 15 not the DR15. I would agree with you - to my ears the 15 sounded more dynamic and "liquid" than the CA200 and the CA201. I had the 15 driving a pair of NEAR 50Me's (early 90's - one of the first full-range all metal-driver speakers available for those of you who may have forgotten ;-) and it did a great job of taking some of the edge off the 50Me's.

The CA300 that you owned is a much better amplifer than the 200, and in many respects I preferred it to the CA 400. Incidentally I didn't find much difference between the earlier version of the CA200 (heat sinks at the back), the newer version CA 200 (heat sinks on the side), and the supposedly revised CA201 (from what I hear the revision pretty much amounted to a new faceplate). I'm not really familar with the electrolytic cans the 15 used vs. the CA200/201, but your theory could be true. Just like other manufacturers I'm sure Classe changes part values all the time depending on suppliers, new technologies avaialble, etc.

I'm curious about the new line of Classe equipment - hopefuly they won't suffer the same fate as Mark Levinson did. From what I hear the company will retain full control over design and development, so hopefully this won't be the case. I won't be surpised if B&W pushes for a wider pipeline for home theater products.


From what I understand- Classe is just going to introduce two new models this year. I am sure you are aware that the entire product line has been discontinued. They have been filling orders from built up inventory.

Anyway, about the new amps. I beieve a pair of 400 watt mono blocs. And the other a "mulit-purpose" 200 watter that repotedly will drive even the B+W 800s. Multi-purpose in that it will have the option for additional channels- ie home theatre use. Rumour has it that the ch version will be 5k and performs similiar to the Omega.

I have lost so much money on high-end over the years. And these companys have basically priced me out of the market to buy at retail (like I used to do). So I went with the 15 for now. I think it does some things better than the CA-300- but overall the 300 is a better amp- hum and all.
Take care
The 301 has Omega technology, may be your best choice overall, and with the new line coming out, this can be your chance to score a used , or even new one, at a sweet price.
Thanks everyone for the information. I am going to keep my eyes open for some used CAM 200's

I recently upgraded to the CP 47.5, I found it a definite step up in sound over the CP 35. (the 35 is still very good)