Classe CAM 400's vs ARC REF 210's.

Any opinion will be welcome. My Pre Amp is an ARC REF 3. My speakers are Revel Salon 2's. I am currently using the Classe Mono's and condidering a switch to the REF 210's.
Would I be going backward or forward if I made the switch?

Thanks in advance for any and all opinion(s), John
Hi John, just one or two due diligence thoughts. I used to own the ARC Ref 3, just upgraded to the Ref 5, so I am familiar with your pre. IMHO, it's a great pre -- hands down -- period! Admittedly, I have a bias (no pun intended) towards the ARC Ref 210s because of the natural synergy between the two units. I own the VS-115. The Ref 3/5 and VS-115 combo fit hand in glove.

Having said that, I am NOT familiar with the Classe gear so I can not say whether there would be an improvement. However, I suggest that before you invest the bucks in making a switch, I would call both ARC and Revel to ask about speaker/amp compatibility. Hopefully some members DO have hands on experience with the Ref 210/Revel combo and can report back.

As stated, while I am comfortable that the Ref 3 and Ref 210 will do well together, if the "210" doesn't do a good job driving the Revels, you'll be miserable.
Great advice and thanks for your timely message, Regards, John Cochrane.