Classe CAM 350 discontinued....why?

I have a pair of these wonderful amps. Just heard that Classe has ceased production. Surprised me because I thought this model debuted in 1999 or 2000. Any idea why or what will replace them in the product line? Thanks.
The following thread offers some explanation:

Brave new world.
My .02 - keep your CAM 350's unless you're unhappy with them. The replacements will be "significantly" more expensive, as per Classe. Also keep in mind that the CAMs already have the circuitry and the same output devices found in the Omega series. The CA line stands to benefit the most from the revision, not the CAMs. I owned a pair of CAM 200s which I sold last year, I missed them so much that I recently bought another pair off this site. They really are an amazing value for the money used, resolution and refinement are quite a bit better than the 4BSST which I also own.
classe is revamping their whole product line. i wouldn't expect the omega based mono-blocks to change much.

i didn't buy the 350's, i opted to spend way more, for slightly better sound. keep the 350's, they are great.
The CAM 350 is a killer . The new models may be prettier looking , but they wont SOUND better. I know this for a fact. I cant get into how I know this , but if you have a pair of these babies , you are one lucky dog !
I have seen the new Classe models, not in person mind you, but just in pictures. I do not like the looks of them at all. They older models look much classier. I do not know how the new models sound though.
The entire Classe line will eventually be updated. In conversation with a gent at Classe some technical info was disclosed, the ability of the new amps just in current capability alone will be crazy. I've always loved the Classe sound, and if the new specs are accurate, but the sound is relatively the same...I can only imagine the control over any loudspeaker these new amps will have.

When they hit the shelves anywhere near me I'll be in line to get a listen.