Classe Cam 350, Bryston 7bs or Sim W5

I'm looking for amps for my Magnepan MG 3.6rs. I'm considering these three amps. I need your opinions and experiences.
Can't help you with the Brystons (which I've heard sound great on other systems) or Sims, but I've been using the CAM-350's with Egglestonwork Andras, which require a great deal of power, and the 350's sound wonderful. I think the recent Stereophile review of the 350's used them with Maggies, and he raved about how they drove those speakers.
I'm using Theta's Dreadnaught 5 channel 200wpc amp, you can use it straight as a 200wpc amp, or biamp with identical amps.
Forgot to add...I also have the Maggie 3.6R
You should consider Plinius. I understand they (Transparent
Audio) the importers of the Plinius line will be using the
3.6R Maggies in there future demos instead of the PipeDreams. I talked to the importers at the CES and they said the combo (Plinius and the MG3.6R's) had to be heard to be believed. I assumed they were talking about the SA 250 and CD LAD or M16 as the electronics. Good Luck
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Dave Hubbard
I have the 7B's with the latest3.5R'sandfind them to be an excellent amp to drive them and not run out of juice.
Go with the Classe. I used Brystons, ended up going with Classe Omicron.
Re: my Classe recommendation. I also have 3.6 Maggies. The Bryston are too crude.