Classe CAM 200 vs Bryston 7B SST vs Aragon Palladi

I need high power mono blocks with balanced inputs to drive a set of custom speakers. Very inefficient (85db) and has a pretty nasty impedance curve (2 ohms here and ther). Want to spend no more then 2k / ch and these three came out on the horizon.
Looking for natural sound (flat, detailed, not so dry but don't want the "Warmth" of tubes either.) with accurate instrument and vocal performance.
To be used in a high end pro recording studio.

Palladiums all the way!!
At 2 ohms they are pushing a ton of current all the time
and will be super stable. They are quoted at 1 kilowatt at 2 ohms.. Personally I never have been able to bring them to full potential as I have fairly efficient speakers... They always feel warm to the touch, which I like..
sound wise, for vocals and accurate instrument positioning, they are the best in the price range imo.
For a recording studio.. maybe overkill but you wont be dissapointed. Snatch them at 2k.
Best of luck,
Custom Audio LLC
I've heard good things about both Bryston and Aragon for your application.
I have heard the new SST amps from Bryston and they sound great at any volume. Never strained, accurate without being bright. Also, their gear is used in MANY professional studios.
I have seen the 7B-SST's on audiogon for less than 2K each.
Good Luck
I've heard both the Bryston and Classe. The Bryston has a lot of power for the money but has a cold/metalic sound to it. The Classe has a warmer more refind sound to it. Both are great amps my ears prefer the Classe though...(heard them w/ Magnepan 3.6's and Reference 3a De cappos and L'Intregals)
Bryston's theory is one of total neutrality with no coloration added by its amplifiers or preamplifiers, thereby ensuring what the listener is hearing is what the artist intended. This is why Bryston equipment is used in so many recording studios. Whether one prefers neutrality or coloration is the key question when choosing between Bryston and Classe.