Classe CAM-200..need good Pre-Amp

My speakers are Verity "Fidelios", Classe CAM-200 mono amps and Audio Research CD-3 CD player.
Here's my possible choices for changing my system in the power end.
1. CAM-200 mono amps and BAT's VK3iX/SE pre-amp
2. BAT's VK-250/SE solid state amp and BAT's VK3ix/SE pre-amp
3. Sim Audio's 'Moon i7' integrated amp.

I'd like to hear from anyone that's heard or has owned any of these combos.
I'm trying to decide whether to keep my CAM-200's and get a good pre-amp...or sell amp and pre to get a great integrated amp.
I'd definitely stick with the Classe amps over the BAT gear you reference. I've owned BAT VK200 amp paired with VK30 preamp & found the two pcs to be over-rated in comparison to other gear in their class.

Not sure what your budget is for a preamp, or what your trying to achieve from a sound perspective. I like my Aesthetix Calypso ($2700 used with stock tubes), but it really needs pricey NOS tubes to sound it's best... so assume a $3,500 total investment.

If your interested in unloading the seperates and simplifying with an intgrated amp you have many good choices... I'd recommend a tube or hybrid integrated (Cary SLI 80, Pathos TT or Classic, VAC Avatar SE or Super, BAT 300SE, Unison, Cayin, Conrad Johnson). Spend your left over money on upgrading power cords, interconnects and speaker cables.
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I like Classe amps in general. I'd look for a second hand matching Classe pre-amp in your price range to start.
Ericjcabrera - While I have not owned Classe, I have been able to audition their amps and preamps on several occasions and found them to be smooth, powerful, non fatiguing and a good overall value. I've owned two entry level pcs from BAT and found them to be fatiguing and have since moved on to gear I like better. My most recent find is an inexpensive vintage Forte 3A amp ($450), which in retrospect far outperformed my previous stint with a BAT VK200 from several years ago. I'm sure BAT makes some great gear, especially their tube amps... I just was not that satisfied with the entry level BAT gear I owned years ago.
Non-fatiguing is one the reasons I really like Classe amps.
The Classe CP50 sounded incredible in my system. I am sure the new version CP500 or CP65 are equally good if not better. The other option I would recommend is the McIntosh C46 or C42 depending on your budget. As good as my CP50 was, the C42 is better still. These are the ones I would look at.