Classe CA2300 - Mark Levinson 532H - Krell FPB300c

Classe CA2300 - Mark Levinson 532H - Krell FPB300cx

Anybody of experience or thoughts about these amps? They all have very positive reviews on the web. Unfortunately it would probably take me too much time to find dealers for all three before current listings are pulled -- I know patience is a virtue.

My system is being upgraded and is now configured with:
Vandersteen 3a Sigs
Cary Audio SLP - 05 preamp
Musical Fidelity M6PRX amp (250 watts into 8 ohms)
Cary Audio 306 Professional CD/SACD
VPI Classic 1 with Ortofon Bronze MC

Appreciate any insight you might have on these three amps.
I have owned all 3 amps and would rate the the 300cx/532h as superior to the classe. Between the 300cx and 532h, it really depends upon your preference, the krell is more detailed and impactful, while the 532h is a bit laid back and slightly dark/mellow. This is in reference to each other, not meant to be a negative at all. The classe is not that well paced or musical, just does not flow as smoothly or make the transients in notes as good as the krell and ML do. The more expensive Classe such as the M600 monos are completely different and better.
All 3 are good amps, but not the best for Vandersteen. None of them will be able to bring out what your speakers are really capable of. If your budget allows, consider getting 2 Ayre V-5's instead. There's just no comparison to the type of Synergy you get with an Ayre/Vandersteen combo. As long as your room isn't huge, even 1 V-5 should be better. Another very good option, if you come across a used one, is a Theta Dreadnaught. That's a multichannel amp, so you would use 4 channels for your speakers. Ultimately I like the V-5 a little better, but the Theta was designed by Ayre so you'll still get that synergy.
Thanks. McCormack DNA-750 mono blocks are also in the running.

Zd542: is there a particular characteristic an amp would have that's matched with the Vandersteens? I like a sound that is not to far forward and slamming -- which is why I really the Vandersteens -- very clear and laid back.

you have an interesting system. How do you like the Cary mated w/ the MF amp?

Also, and most importantly, which brand(s) of cabling are you using in your system? Keep me posted & Happy Listening!