Classe CA200 vs. Parasound Halo A21

I was wondering if anyone has compared the 2 amps...  I have $2400 in my budget to buy a new amp and these 2 has caught my attention the most... Classe CA2200 used and the Parasound A21 new fit that price range... I'd want the Parasound to be new if I'm going to buy that one...  Or maybe you know something else that beat them both ???? ... Any help would be very much appreciated.. THANKS !!!
SORRY.... I meant the Classe CA2200  
Parasound A21 is very good for the price. I think the Classe is in a different league. The kind of speakers you have should play the biggest role in your decision. If they are current hungry, the amp with the most current or capacity should be the choice.

thanks 2psyop,

I went with the Classe...  your comment "different league" pushed me on the Classe side..  Got the CA2100 though as I'm only using  monitors but like to over power them and kind a "future proof" my amp needs incase I needed more power later..


those classic, Parasound HCA power amps are still relevant today.
If one really wants a Classe' hold out for an Omega series power amp.
Id lay a bet you are going to fall in luv with that Classe amp. Nice decision and I have the A21, so I have respect for both brands.
Thx... jagant. But i wanted to get the most i could with the $2400 I had to spend. And man, the Classe CA2100 is awsome. The detail from top to bottom this amp produces is (again) awsome. Very silent background. Amp looks great too. Now looking for XLR interconnect to take advantage of this true balance design Classe has. Acoustic Zen, ETI, or Zu Audio (current use single ended) is on my short list. No one has said the Zu Audio cables are awsome like the other cables I mentioned but they were good enough to let me know that the Classe was a much better amp than my previous amp. I guess I'll search and see if anyone has compared these. 
The Classe retails for over twice as much as the Parasound A21, so it should be the better amp.  I'm surprised to read that it doesn't double its wattage at 4 ohms though, but being stable at 2 ohms is pretty respectable.

Further reading on the amp shows that Classe improved the amp over the years, and it's not clear which version the OP got, a more recent version does double at 4 ohms.