Classe CA200 vs CA 100?

Iwas trying to determine if I might hear any difference driving Thiel 1.5's. I currently have a Classe CA-100 and was wondering what, if any difference other than just more power, I might expect to hear. Thanks in advance for any opinions.
Brett, Your speakers like a lot of power and I have a pair of Aerials that enjoy the same and I found that running Classe CA-150's as monoblocks has made a significant improvement in bass response and upper end reproduction. A friend has your speakers and runs them with a McCormack with 180 watts and they seem flat and I have about three times the power with the 150's in mono and the difference is quite discernible. Steve
Brett - I'm driving 3.6's with a ca200 and wondered the same about a ca400. If I remember right the "UHC" ultra high current technology started in the 200 and went up the line - your owner's manual will probably tell you if you have it or not. Unless your experiencing some strain or congestion I'm not sure it matters IMHO...
The higher line you go the better the parts. I can tell you I compared one ca 400 against two ca 200 and the ca 400 was better. I also found that two ca 400's really wasnt that much better then one ca 400.