Classe CA200/150/CAV150 comparisons/anodizing

I was wondering if anyone has anodized their lids on there amps before?I have a CA 300 with a silver front and lid,and would like to do the same to all of them.
I am looking into finding one of these amps for my HT and wondered if anyone has compared them.
thanks john
I have a CA-300 & 400 in silver(with handles on front)and I am looking for one of these also for my HT and have read some other comparisons but wondered if anyone has a bunch of these in there HT.If anyone has a silver one they are thinking on moving,let me know.
I am going to make all my tops the same(silver becaue it take these older amps to a new visual level.Let me know if anyone has done this and who you used.I am in Ontario
thanks john
I am thinking a CA-200,150 or CAV should work well but let me know if you have compared one with a Krell HTS 7.1 as a pre/pro also.
thanks john