Classe CA150 bridge question....

Bridged CA150 are 300 at 8 ohms but the speakers have been switched and are now 4ohm load wich Classe verified will be a safe load on the amps, so if they are 4ohm load, does the output increase?
I cant find any info on this, and I could call tech support but was hoping while they are closed would anyone here know? Vandersteen Wood Quatro's with powered woofers are new speakers...............thanks.
They will work fine but may heat up more, The amp will ba seeing a 2 ohm load now that its bridged. Hence the higher output in mono. under almost all conditions it will be fine.
Actually bridging the amps will give more power and some better control but the sound may suffer in other ways. always best to buy factory designed monoblocks
They have always been bridged with good results, tho had a Legacy Focus 20/20 speaker to drive before the Vandy...I am just curious of its 2ohm output....peal power rating.
Thanks for the reply Hiend