Classe Ca101 Bridged questio

I own 2 classe Ca101 originally bought for a 6.1 HT and was going to buy 1 more to complete

Well i am sick of HT and getting back into 2 ch stereo
Sick of the constant upgrading i just assume buy the latest
$5-600 dollar denon reciever for Ht nowadays.

I am using a classe cp-35 with the two ca101 bridged
With audioquest coral xlr and audioquest Bedrock

My question is i never heard a 201 or 301
The manual states that the amp goes from 100x2 8ohms 200x2 4ohms
To 350x1 8ohms 600x1 4ohms

How close does this approch the soundquality of an unbridged ca-201 or ca-301

P.s i do love the way my system sounds but
"curiosity killed the Cat"
Comes close , but a CA-301 is better. I now use 2 Ca -101's as mono blocks. Have owned both. On the Ca-101's be careful not to let the power cords touch the interconnects or speaker cables , a little tricky becuase the IEC plug is in a bad spot.
Thank you Darrlhifi

I think i will stick with my 2 ca-101 sounds to me the ca-301 is better but the two ca~101 is also good but i also like the lightness in weight of the 101 versus the backbreaking weight of a 301 i believe i can live with the difference in sound.

Any thought on a well matched power chord for these units.
I currently use audioquest speaker wire and i/c.

Something reasonable folks i am a bang for the buck kind of guy
No more than a $150 used for a single cable
Yep , thats the primary reason I use two 101's , The 301 is great , but its freaking heavy !