Classe ca-d200

Does anyone have this amp? Can you give me any feedback on the sound and performance?

I got a decent deal and have one on the way. It would replace my Rotel 1582 for my b&w 804 d3’s. I was very hesitant because before the 1582 I bought Rotel’s new class D and found it to be too...I guess analyitical and lacking some detail. I think would be good for home theater but not so much on music. 

I know Classe is good and I doubt they would put out a amp with a $4k msrp unless it is sonically good, fingers crossed. 

Thanks for any feedback. 
I'll be willing to bet; that Classe is going to sound incredible!

I've heard feedback on class D amps sounding analytical. I own a Class D Audio SDS470C; Very nice!
You have to let the class D amps "settle-in" a certain amount of time; then judge if you like "em or not.
But that's the case with all audio equipment.

Let us know how the Classe sounds!
The Classe does sound great. Better than the Rotel in every respect. Tons of power, detailed and most importantly musical. It’s not just the anylitical sound I have experience before with class D. 

It is almost a perfect sonic match to my B&W 804 d3’s. Very pleased thus far. The only thing I don’t like is it does not have the traditional signal sense turn on. 
I will comment a little further for anyone who is curios. Before tonight I was just playing through my Cambridge music streamer. Decided to check it out from a new Marantz ref (their top level) cd player. Much better. In particular the mid bass from the 804’s. I have them crossed over at 80 htz with 2 martin logan subs. The bass out of the 804s is much more pronounced tight and controlled than I have heard before. With this source level I can find no fault with this amp. Controlled, accurate and musical.

I am not quite sure how to express “musical” except to say I bought the B&W’s because they were the most pleasing to me off what I compared. Goldenear, Revel, Sonus Faber (which I do have for home theater). Btw I could have gotten the previous 804’s for half the price but I always felt the mid range was a little dry. The new continuom midrange on the d3 is just fluid and beautiful. So I bought these B&W’s because to my ear the bass is good (not quite deep enough but good quality) the mids are the most beautiful I have heard and the diamond tweeters clear and detailed enough to catch my attention but not harsh or overwhelming the rest of the speaker (like the new 700 series). And all the drivers mesh great. So when I say this amp is musical what I mean is it perfectly accentuates the speakers. Just brings out the best of them and lets them shine. 

I am rather impressed with what Classe did here. It sounds like a really nice class a/b amp but has the power on tap from a class d. No regrets on my end. I do believe it will stay in this system for at least the next five years. I am happy to say that because it has been a journey of trying and building. I think the only little bit more I can get is upgrading the interconnects. 

I have the opportunity to purchase one as well!  How has it held up?  still in love after the honeymoon?  as far as frequency response would you say its linear or does it accentuate any particular frequency areas?
I still love it and don’t plan on making any changes. Well actually I liked it enough I went ahead and got the Classe pre amp too. I got the amp a few months used so can’t comment on any break in. The sound has been consistent. As far as your question, the sound does not seem to accentuate any particular area just fuller bass and mids with more detailed highs (not sharper just more detailed) compared to the Rotel. I would not hesitate to pull the trigger. Enjoy!