Classe CA-400 Vs. BAT VK500/1000, which is better?

I have the newest Classe C6 Preamp with a CA-200 driving Dunlavy SC-IVA, and intend to upgrade, but am wondering what would sound better. I do like the mello tubiness associated with Classe's amps. With only a two stage amplification gain in the BAT is it really quieter than Classe? Any personal experiences and advice would be greatly appreciated.
I just hooked up a VK-1000 into my system. I have a HT and wanted to give my F30's more power than my AMP5 was putting out (125W). The VK-1000 was dead silent and the depth and staging where immediately noticeable. The VK-1000 runs hotter then AMP5 so I had to pull off the side panels to my stand to let it breathe. It has been the most significant addition to my system so far. It does require balanced cables. I have not heard the classe.
Hi, I can only compare my current BAT Vk-500 (with BAT pack) to a Classe DR25 I used to own (both at 250 wpc). Each were an upgrade for me from my previous amps, and both were/are run balanced. The BAT is dead quiet, if there is any noise, it is on the recording. Midrange is very nice for SS, and bass is deep and tight. The high end is smooth, with maybe a touch less energy than some amps (which is fine with me). The Classe' was also smooth at the high end but maybe just the slightest touch "high-fi" sounding compared to the BAT. The BAT has an accuracy of timbre that, with good software, can make it sound (almost) like real instruments and real singers, playing music in my room. I am sure the BAT can be bettered and there are links on this forum that discuss other's opinions of which amps do just that. However, improvements are often system dependent and, in my system, the BAT was hands down better than the Classe. A final consideration, if your speakers are power hungry, and depending on the music you listen to, you might find the extra watts provided by the CA400 vs. the Vk-500 (400wpc vs. 250 wpc) to be the deciding factor. Let us know what you decide and what you think about your choice. - Tim
I'll agree with the above statements about the BAT. I have
a BAT VK500 (actually a converted VK 1000) and have been
extremely pleased with it. It might be a bit overkill
with my Signature 805's but I'm, not complaining. Its
very rich and detailed but without shoving it all in
your face. Great bass control as well. Just be aware
that its very heavy (110lbs) and does pump out a lot
of heat.

Good luck
Well, I gravitate towards soundstaging, imaging, detail and an alive upfront sound. So my vote goes to Classe. I also have a dislike for amps that use "zero-feedback". YMMV