Classe CA-301 vs. Bryston 4B-SST

I am considering buying the Bryston 4B-SST and am impressed with its neutrality but also it's strength in the low end. I am also looking for some input on the Classe CA-301. From the reviews I've seen, it is 'laid-back' which I'm guessing means fairly neutral which I personally like. I have the Infinity Prelude MTS towers and powered subs. My room is fairly large at approx. 17'X25'. My music varies widely from classical to pop to rock. All opinions welcome :)
My Infinity Prelude MTS towers and subs combined with the Bryston 9B THX power amp sound great and neutral.

Each sub has it's own internal amp for 80 Hz and below, so you will not be hearing/feeling the Bryston or Classe amp directly down there.