Classe CA-300 owners; remote trigger power on/off

Hi All;
Need some advices regarding about remote triggering power on/off for My Classe CA-300.
My equipments consist:
EAD Theater Master Ovation
Monster Power HTS-3500
Could you tell me how can I use remote control to trigger power on/off for CLASSE CA-300? It’s very convenience When I'm start/finished listening, its nice to press a single button and have the entire system power up/down reliably (which in my case means sequentially) without having to fuss about with the 5 pieces of gears.
I used to have a set up with one single remote button with other amps but since I change my amplifier to Classe I’m unable to do it anymore ???!!!
Your input is truly appreciated,

Is the amp triggered on by a +12 volt or other low voltage DC input signal? (that is typically how it works). What you can do is connect a small power supply (such as a wall-wart DC power pack) to the amps' trigger input via appropriate connectors. Plug the power pack into whatever device your are energizing via that 'single switch'. Now when you energize the rig, the DC will trigger on the power amp.
I think you can buy a trigger from Classe that plugs into the rear of the amplfier. I have a CAV-75 and it has a jack in the bacl that looks like a telephone jack. I think it was 100.00. Good luck!