Classe CA-2300 voltage change

Hi everyone,

I am a semi-happy owner of Classe Audio equipment, and have been dismayed but the complete lack of support since B&W sold off Classe. In particular, I own a nice CA-2300 amplifier that I bought int he US when I lived there, but after moving to the UK, I have been trying to get its voltage changed for over 5 months... The last I heard is that it would have to be shipped to the Netherlands "so Classe could get a look at it" with no guarantee they would do the voltage change nor any indication of price! Not exactly convenient for a 100lbs amp...

Would anyone know who / how to get the voltage changed? Is there any decent repair shop that could do this in London? All the high end shops I tried are completely clueless. I am also decently good with electronics, and at this point would mind opening the amp myself if I can get my hand on a service manual.

Thanks in advance for any tip,

Seems like such a simple solution, yogiboy. I use voltage converters when I travel in Europe. 
@yogiboy, scorpio1951: Because they are noisy. I have a high quality one from Acupwr, and it generates a constant background noise. Not exactly great when you're trying to enjoy classical music on a high end audio system...
Classe headquarter facility in Montreal, Canada has re-opened since Sound United bought Classe in January of this year 2018. 
Go to and you can email them. You might have to ship your CA-2300 amp to Montreal, Canada to get voltage changed. Or unless if someone at Classe would give detailed instruction on how to do it yourself. I would email Classe. 
I recently had to email them in Montreal and they got back to me the next day.