Classe ca 2200 or Parasound JC 1's ?

I need a little advice, I have a classe ca 2200 pushing aerial 7b's, I am very happy with this setup, I am going to go 5 channel, I was thinking of keeping the classe and going with a single parasound jc 1 for the center (aerial), or selling the classe and going with 3 jc 1's across the front, I looked into buying a single classe ca 400 mono block, but cost is to steep.looking for opinions, thanks
If you like the Classé Delta sound and want to move to 5.1, why not just get replace the CA-2200 with a CA-5200 ? An alternative is to keep the CA-2200, get a CAV-150 and run the 6 channels in bridged mode on the center and surround channels.
thanks for response Gbart, I have been looking for a cav 150 for some time now, they are hard to find.