Classe ca-2100 vs ca-2300

I currently have a Classe ca-2100. I have been thinking of upgrading to a ca-2300 but I am not sure how much of an improvement, if any, I will obtain. Does anybody have any experience with the two?
I thought I would add some more information in case it would help. I would be using the amp to drive a pair of Wilson Sophia IIIs. My main question is how do these amps differ sonically? I am making the assumption that the CA-2300 besides providing greater power offers better sound but I have no way to determine if that is true. So, I was hoping that someone has actually had the opportunity to have heard both.
I have the CA-2200 and did have a CT-2300 delivered to my house for a week of listening. The amp was broken in and the CT-2300 is the same as the CA-2300 but different cosmetics. For my ears and in my system I prefered the CA-2200. The 2200 is bias closer to class A, ran hotter, had more midrange bloom and depth and was a little less critical. The 2300 had deeper and more solid base and reached higher in the treble. It sounded very nice as well and was perhaps a more well rounded amp. I have also spent a lot of time with both the Sophia's (II and III, wonderful speakers) and knowing their sound, strengths and capabilities if I had to choose from a CA-2200 or CA-2300 to drive the Sophia III's, I would choose the CA-2300. But ideally I would want to hear them first. Hope this helps.
Davt - Thanks for your response. Interestingly, you advised me to make the opposite decision you yourself made. I assume because of the my speakers.
Just a response my percieved strengths of each speaker and musical taste. I find the Verity much smoother and engaging in the mid range and this is the strength of the 2200. The Wilsons I have heard have a little more energy top and bottom and again this seems to be the strength of the 2300.
I'll answer my own question in case someone else has this decision to make sometime. I traded up to the CA-2300 and boy am I happy I did. The CA-2100 is good amp that gave me hours of pleasure but the CA-2300 is just better in every respect.
The CA-2300 also soundly beats the formidable CA-2200. I just made the switch after three years with the 2200 and there's no contest...this amp got some good reviews but deserves more press. If you can't afford the M600 monos, it's the way to go at 600 wpc into 4ohms.
The circuit topology is the same for all three amps. The improvement you hear is due to having extra power.

You've owned and listened to a lot of equipment. I am not an electrical
engineer nor am I a designer. While I don't disagree that power is a
primary difference among the amplifiers discussed here, it is not the *only*
difference. My experience listening tells me that *everything* in an amplifier
affects the sound. A number of highly qualified designers claim this as well.

There are a number of elements in the amplifiers that are not identical and
this results in differences I hear that can be traced to a variety of sources.
For example, the approach used with regard to fuses in the 2200 and the
2300 is distinctly different. The amplifier's components are not identical and
I am sure the designers at Classe would concur with my assertion that the
new line does more than merely provide extra watts. Reviews of the old
Delta Monoblocs and the new M600's would certainly indicate that more is
going on here than just an increase in power.

Not sure any of this matters much. I just think explaining the improvements
I hear is more complicated than simply saying, "it's just more