Classe CA-201 Issue

Hey all,
I have a Classe CA-201 that is having an issue where half the time when I turn it on, I get a flashing green light instead of the normal red, indicating some sort of error. I had it in to a pretty reputable shop and they said they could not reproduce the error. I have it behind a big Furman power unit so I don't think it is an issue with insufficient supply or such.
Anyone have thoughts on possible problems I should be looking for that a shop might miss? Also, I am considering using this as an excuse to get something new (likely one of the new Pass Labs amps). I am not sure how to price this unit to sell it if I do that - any thoughts?

I had a Classe model 15 that would shut down when used with the tube preamp I was using. It turned out to be DC leakage from the preamp. The protective circuits in the Classe amps are super sensitive.
Additionally, I always leave my amp on...
Noah, I concur on DC from your preamp being the possible cause of your amp going into protection.
They are super sensitive. I had this problem with the original CA 200 and it was an MIT speaker cable. I sent it back twice to MIT and they could not find anything wrong with it. They tried to put in a zobel and it still did it. Always occurred several minutes into playback. Had to ditch the SC.

This amp also does not like one of my tube preamps. I still have the amp and I love the midrange bloom.
Did your classe 15 automatically play again. I made the mistake of turning on my tube preamp while the classe 15 was on. I heard a pop through the speakers and now no output from the amp. There is a red light lit on the circuit board. It powers up but I don't here the soft start click and no output. Nothing looks physically damaged inside.