Classe CA-100 vs. CA-150 vs. CA-200

Has anyone owned any two of these..if so, do they sound the same other than power ratings...or is/are there real sonic differences.

I ask because I have read..back in the Fi days...that some people thought the lower power ones sounded better??

Thanks for any help.
I have a 200 and my understanding was this model was the first one in the line to use a new technology centered around a high current design called UHC or ultra high current which the 300 and 400 have also. I could be mistaken, my source was a dealer I was close to years ago in Atlanta.
Thanks Pops....makes sense...I had a 300 and am now looking for one of the smaller amps for a smaller system...
Have a classe CA-100 and have owned CA-150. 150 smoked the 100 in the bass. Classe has now gone back to the older style transistors again. They have gone full circle on their output design. The "rear Heatsink" models are no longer in production. The same model CA-200 is available pre 2002 with rear heatsink set up. The newer model went to more output devices with side heatsinks. I called classe and they said the new models control bass a bit better and the older style are a "Tad" warmer.