classe audio six vs dr-6

Any relevant information about the differences between these two preamps will be welcomed (year of production, new price, actual value, technical differences, sound differences and so on). The dr-6 was a popular preamp. what about the six (shall I buy one)?
First, I would like to say I had both preamps in my home, including a Dr-5. Anyone will serve you very well indeed. They are very reliable and well built with great sound, they also include a fabulous phono section. As far as which one? I would say the original Dr-6 with the gold handles is the one to grab, for it's very liquid midrange and holographic sound.But it is a little dark in it's presentation. The later Classe 6 is a fine preamp in it's own right, I just found the original more to my liking, but they do come with remotes if thats needed. Also don't overlook a Dr-5 if you see one for a good price just as wonderful maybe just a tad darker with less bass extension.
I had a Six (and a Dac-1) played through an ARC CL-60.
I used this setup (REALLY don't like the term "rig") with at least four different speakers.
I ALWAYS heard a nasty saw-tooth quality in vocal dynamics.
I won't blame it on the Classe necessarily as it could have been the CL-60 (or Dac-1).
I'd just listen to plenty of female opera before committing.
The Dave Reich-6 was the Classe pre to get.After Dave left and started to design for Theta,the Classe lost any organic qualities.More extended,but the midrange lost something.NEW-about $3200,Year:84-?.Schipo is correct about the gold handled model.Might want a silver IC to add a touch of light to the upper hi-frequencies-a little dark.