classe audio questions

I am having trouble with my classe dac 1 and I am sure it will have to go back to get serviced.What I was wandering was has any other members had trouble with classe products and what was the customer service like? good,bad,ok? Just wanting a little forsight for things to come.
I had dealings with Classe service on a number of ocassions, only once for a repair. I dealt with Robert Adam (not sure of the spelling). I can tell you for a fact, he was the the absolute best I have ever dealt with. I called him many times with questions and he couldn't have been more helpful. I called concerning two power amps that I purchased used, and I set up as monoblocks. I thought one had a problem, which it turned out didn't(my stupidity). He
was patient and helpful,and told me on the slight chance that something went wrong in the future, he would pay shipping and handling. If you ship, make sure to closely follow his instruction for shipping through customs. They were perfect,and helpful, in that the person at Fedex wasn't sure what to do. He helped me register the amps when I bought them and also when I sold them. Be sure to ask for him when you call. You won't be sorry.
I've never had any problems with my Classe amp but I have used their customer service department. They were always helpful and answered any questions I has.
I had a Classe CD player that was out of warranty and needed an initialization adjustment. Because they did not get to it as soon as they had hoped to, they did the adjustment at no cost. In short, my experience with them has been great.
If you follow the instruction they give you, there should not be any problem. Robert Adams is,like Bbloom above says is very supportive and methodical. Only it seems lot of hassle procedurewise and timewise since Classe is in Canada. I wish they had 800 number, although you can communicate and follow thru via email.
I have never used Classe' repair services but have called w/ technical and "what if" questions on several occasions. The staff was both helpful and knowledgable, and very, very, patient.
I had a Claae' amp, which I damaged, because it took longer for them to repair it they did it for free. It saved me $400.00. Albiet, it cost me $100.oo in phone calls. Anyway, make sure you send it UPS, or else it will get lost in customs for months. Also, the postal services insurence is not covered outside of the US, thus, void if lost or further damaged.