Classe Audio DR6

I am contemplating to buy a used Classe Audio DR6 pre amp and would like to have some input of its performance. It seems from limited info available, its phono stage is highly regarded. How reliable it is and how does it compare to the latest offering from Classe Audio and any other comparable product.
I bought one 2 years ago. I love it!!!!!!

Do remember it is a component getting a little old in the tooth, so you may expect some repair bills.

Mine blew some caps last fall. I shipped it back to the factory for repairs (factory support is outstanding). It cost ~$200 for repairs.

For the money you can't beat it.
Not too crazy about DR6 preamp. Although it is only 25W/ch class-A operation, the DR3-HV amps is one of the best product made my them.
Get Klyne if you are into SS preamp.
I had a multiple-preowned DR5 preamp for three years. The DR6 was basically the DR5 with a huge outboard power supply. The DR5 was famously dark sounding, although very holographic with good ability to discern subtle dynamic shading. The DR6 was notably more open sounding on top while retaining the DR5's strengths. It also had a great phono stage. Classe' products of the Dave Reich era were built to last as they offered a LIFETIME warranty (to original owners only). There was a serious committment to lasting quality. I recently sold my DR5 and it still is operating flawlessly for its new owner. All controls remained tight and felt like new. The unit operated like brand new with no noise from pots or switches. I would have no problem recommending the purchase of a used DR6.
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Had a DR 5 in my second system with Classe amp 70 I believe--too lazy to check. Replaced with a DR6. Great change--open and bigger sound. Bonus in that was able to give older daughter the DR5. The entire family is happy.

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Fabulous sounding gear. I had a DR-6 and now own a DR-5 preamp along with DR-9 amp. Never a problem they keep on running and sound excellent ss or no ss I highly recommend them and along with any other DR era equiptment of their time....
Built like a tank, great phono, good customer service....that should do it. Try it you will like it!
S23CHANG dear sir the Classé DR3-VHC is not 25 watts per channel it is 45 watts per channel the DR3-B is the 25 watts per channel i owned both for 13 years 1 year for the DR3-B and 12 years with the DR3-VHC witch stands for Very High Current they drove Acoustat's 1+1s 2+2s Spectra 22 and Spectra 33 matched with Conrad Johnson Tube Preamps the DR3-VHC is pure magic and Classé as never been the same since the master Dave Reich as left yes they have more power but the finesse as left with Dave.
i owned a dr 6 and a dr 9 amp. both dry sounding, thin and lean. boy was i glad to sell both. what a mistake.