Classe Audio CAM 350 mate with Revel Salon Ultima

I want to know if this pair of amps will match well with the REVEL ULTIMA SALON 1 (first version).

The pre amp is a CJ PREMIER 16 LS2

Gerard want's power with smooth sound...
I worked at a dealer that sold all of the above brands. I think that classe amps sounded great with revel speakers, It would be a great match, good luck, chris
I own a pair of Salons and am running with an Adcom 555, and it sounds actually pretty good, so I can assure you that your Classe's will match perfectly, and sound amazing!
I have the Ca400 stereo amp paired with Magnepan MG3.6r's and the sound is real smooth. The Cam350 I'm sure will have a similar sound that will tame forward sounding tweeters.
They worked nicely with the Studios.

Like peas and carrots.
Hi Rocc it would be a great match my friend has the same speakers with Classe CAM-400 and he loves them.