Classe Amps

Looking at a Classe CAP 150 vs. a Krell 400xi

How does an older amp like the Classe compare with newer amps such as the Krell.

Or, how does the Classe compare with today's amps in the $2000 range (the retail price of the Classe 8 years ago)

Planning to use the Classe as the front end of my system (to run my mains) and a home theater amp for the other speakers. Any drawbacks to this?

Alot of questions, appreciate the input.

For what it's worth, a DR-9 can't be beat for price and built. Many other ss amps I have heard including Krells might have more bass, but they never capture the soul of a recording as well as a Classe DR-series amp.
Im in a similar situation as yourself and have been wondering about this for awhile. I also have heard great things about the portal panache integrated amp. I wonder how that would stack up to the krell and classe.
I've owned Classe amps ande heard many Krell amps (though I wouldn't buy one). I'll take a Classe amp over a Krell amp anyday of the week. YMMV.